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Perfect for virtual schools, textbook replacement and learning loss. SchoolsPLP is the most innovative online Teaching & Learning Platform available today. When your student is struggling with their assigned online course, what do you do next?  Find another way to teach them the same material.

SchoolsPLP offers a turnkey virtual instruction program to assist with specialized scheduling needs. Whether the student needs a full-time online program, part-time solution, or temporary stop-gap option, SchoolsPLP, and their highly qualified teachers are available  to help!

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Cloud9World covers critical needs move your school or district toward academic wellness. Cloud9World’s integrated SEL/Mental Health solution incorporates companion pieces for students, teachers,and families. Customize your integrated solution and their families, as well as your teachers and administrators. The digital and printable resources provide all stakeholders with a clear and deep understanding of social-emotional learning, character strength development, and mental wellness.




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Data Analytics – Grading & Reporting
Assessments – Progress Monitoring

Otus saves educators time by keeping everything in one place and answers your most important questions about student performance.

Otus is an educational technology company dedicated to empowering educators to harness and act on educational data to improve learner outcomes.  Otus is utilized by over 240 K-12 districts and schools and has delivered improved results for more than 1 million learners and their families.

Otus comes with a progress monitoring tool and has an integrated analytics and assessment platform.



FluencyRev™ listens to every word the child says and repaints the words on the screen to show which words need improvement. Children can listen to the story, any part, at any speed, as often as they like. They earn stars for good reading and see and hear what they need to improve!  FluencyRev™ is developed by LanguaMetrics™, a global leader in the field of children’s speech analytics. Our speech analytics engine powers products in education such as MAP Reading Fluency by NWEA of Portland, Oregon. View information about FluencyRev™ efficacy at Indian Rocks Christian School in the PDF below.



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Founded in 2012, LightSail Education is committed to creating a world in which learners maximize their potential through literacy. LightSail’s comprehensive, standards-aligned, literacy platform with multimodal learning functionality, holistically assesses and nurtures each student on their reading and writing-to-learn journey, throughout elementary, middle, and high school.

LightSail’s instructional and administrative tools balance the administrators’ and educators’ needs for ease-of-use, versatility, pedagogical rigor, and value with the student’s need for an engaging, motivational, content-rich and diverse literacy experience.

ThinkWrite Headphones


ThinkWrite has specially designed and tested accessories for the classroom environment including Ultra Durable headsets and headphones with high fidelity speakers and microphone, Ultra Ergo headphones with ergonomic fit and finish, Ultra Light headphones and BreakAway adapters. Contact EDS about using ThinkWrite as your mobile device provider to outfit your district or school today.





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