Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews of our products and services say more about our successes than we could ever say about ourselves.  The following reviews contain a few of the things that educators have said about how Education Design Solutions and the products we use helped them to achieve success:

Testimony by Stephanie Saulsberry

Testimony by Stephanie Saulsberry, Title I Reading Teacher, USD #344, Pleasanton Elementary School, in Pleasanton, KS
before the Kansas State Legislature Joint Education Committee
in Topeka, KS
March, 2014

Testimony Transcript

Vickie Kelly, from Lansing School District #469, also gave testimony before the committee.

EDS Conference Review

“I want to thank EDS for putting on such a professional and informative conference.  Also your generosity and hospitality were greatly appreciated.  Thanks for putting on an event like this.  I started investigating the website tools more.  I’m still not proficient, but I learned a lot from the conference which has helped tremendously.  Thanks again for everything.”

–Marsha Koster, SPED Teacher, Clay Center Community High School

Ron Clark on Reading Plus

Ron L. Clark, Jr., an American educator, two-time New York Times Bestselling author, and reality television personality has worked with disadvantaged students in rural North Carolina and New York City and founded the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Clark, who received the 2000 Disney American Teacher of the Year award, has appeared a few times on the Oprah show as well.

View Ron Clark’s video endorsement of Reading Plus

Reading Plus

“We are pleased with the reading gains (sixteen out of nineteen fifth graders scored exemplary) at our elementary school on the Kansas State Assessments. When you combine a good reading program (Reading Plus) with good reading instruction by classroom teachers and the support of an active administrative team, you get good results!”

–Dr. Mary Jo Taylor, Superintendent of Schools, USD 239, Stafford, KS

Hamilton Elementary School Principal Touts Lexia

Hamilton Elementary School Principal Diane Riley talks about the Kansas Reading Initiative and Lexia

Watch the video on YouTube

Educational Design Solutions Review

“The customer service support, materials, training and encouragement provided by Educational Design Solutions is outstanding.  It is one of our most consistently used resources for struggling students in the elementary setting. Maureen Weiss, our consultant has gone above and beyond my expectations in helping our district maximize resources.  Thank you EDS.”

–Betty J. McKinzie, Director of Student Services, Center 58 School District, Kansas City, MO

Lexia and Reading Plus

“Our district incorporated the Lexia, Cross-Trainer and Reading Plus programs into all of our at-risk population classrooms, (Special Education K-8th, Title I K-8th) three years ago.  We utilize these tools to aid our at-risk population in achieving success in areas that prior, they had only experience failure.

These programs offer intervention at its best with an astonishing amount of repetition available during each 30-45 minute session.  We are able to serve more students with the same amount of staff and reach out to many more students than ever before.

Students feel success while on these programs and the games keep their attention with the colorful and fun graphics.  We often hear the students giggling while they work, or they call for us to come over to view their success versus requesting assistance.  It is such a pleasant surprise to see a hand go up and the child wants to share their most recent accomplishment rather than ask you for help!

Our elementary school has met annual proficiency targets for the past two years in all areas, including our Individual Education Plan population.  Our Fourth grade student have made amazing strides in their Communication Arts MAP testing area; Advanced levels 2008 9.3%, 2009 12.8%, 2010 28.3%  Below Basic levels have decreased as well, 2008 2.3%, 2009 2.6%, 2010 0%.”

Christine Butler, Ed.S., Title I Director, Federal Programs Coordinator, Blue Eye R-V School District, Blue Eye, Missouri

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