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Educational Design Solutions Mission is to give Educators the easiest and most effective data to guide instruction, monitor progress which in turn connects to individualized educational decisions in the school or classroom.
Educational Design Solutions
Educational Design Solutions1 day ago
Education Essentials Company Earns 12 Finalist Nods, and Wins the Science Solutions Category
Educational Design Solutions
Educational Design Solutions3 days ago
Educational Design Solutions (EDS) wanted to share that Kathi Zohn has announced her retirement effective April 2nd, 2021. Kathi has worked with EDS since 2012, most recently as an Account Manager and Trainer. This has allowed her to work with hundreds of schools in the Midwest and enrich thousands of student’s lives by helping them develop skills to become Life Time Readers. Please join me in celebrating Kathi’s retirement.

Going forward, Amanda Fouts & Beth Unruh will be working with schools that Kathi had previously serviced.

Aaron Eusterwiemann
Chief Data & Operations Officer

About EDS: Educational Design Solutions (EDS) provides schools ELA, ELL, Math, and other solutions with programs like Lexia Learning, Rosetta Stone English, and Mangahigh Math.
Educational Design Solutions
Educational Design Solutions1 month ago
Challenges that appear to be overwhelming or seemingly impossible, like addressing the myriad of inequities in K-12 education, can be accomplished by taking on a little at a time.

Watch our webinar to learn what you can do right now to start leading with an equity agenda, including understanding the differences between the Achievement and Opportunity Gaps and the implications of a new equity-focused US Secretary of Education:
Educational Design Solutions
Educational Design Solutions2 months ago
Great day at #MoAesp! Congratulations to all winners! Looking forward to visiting with you at booth #22- Educational Design Solutions! #Literacy and #Language Solutions for you and your team!
Educational Design Solutions
Educational Design Solutions2 months ago
T&L's judges deemed these products as standouts for helping students, parents, and teachers succeed in these new learning environments
Educational Design Solutions
Educational Design Solutions3 months ago
This school year (and likely the early part of 2021) continues to look different for each and every school, and even if those schools are in the same district. Despite these differences, we all sha…


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7 years ago
Do you have questions about the Kansas Reading Initiative? Click here to ask them:
8 years ago
Three of us are heading to San Antonio in the morning for a Reading Plus conference. We are excited to learn more about 4.0!
10 years ago
We are giving away a portable DVD player at the NETA conference in Omaha. Come see us!
10 years ago
At the KSDC conference at the Wichita Hilton. Come by!

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