Symphony Math


Symphony Math Overview Video

A THREE STEP program that helps students
connect the Big Ideas in mathematics.


  • Grades K-8
  • Administered three times per year
  • 20-minute average test time
  • Instant results
  • Multi-Skill assessment


  • Built for the Common Core State Standards
  • Provides the baseline diagnostic for RTI
  • Quantifies student learning over time
  • Provides standard score and percentile rank


  • Grades K-4
  • Multiple Representations
  • Research-Based and Proven
  • Use At School and Home
  • Concepts and Fluency
  • Classroom Extensions

More Info:

  • Independent, Integrated Assessment
  • English and Spanish Instructions
  • Integrated Fluency
  • CCSS Reporting
  • Browser-Only: No Install
  • iPad, Chromebook apps


  • Categorize students by the most common demographic categories
  • Custom fields for school- or district-specific categories

Constrain any Symphony Math report by any combination of demographic categories

How do We learn math?

Symphony Math System Requirements.